Bidwells' Management Approach

Our Property Management Team provides clients with a comprehensive range of services which allows them to focus on their core business, comfortable in the knowledge that their commercial property portfolio is being managed efficiently and effectively. We deliver a bespoke service to each client to achieve its objectives – each client is as unique as its property portfolio Maximise the returns of a client's property portfolio by undertaking all property management services such as rent collection, covenant compliance and statutory regulation, service charge administration and tenant liaison Manage the detail, but never lose sight of the client's strategic objectives at both portfolio and property level The management of each client portfolio is led by a Partner and supported by a dedicated team of surveyors and property accountants to ensure a high quality service is delivered to the client and its tenants. This approach enhances tenant retention – a key driver to performance in the current market. Our Property Management Team is used to working with and procuring other consultants to deliver a seamless comprehensive service to our clients, whether that is achieved by using Bidwells in-house service teams, or external consultants.