What we do for occupiers

As your landlord, we understand that we are providing a service to you. We make a commitment to our tenants that we will:

  • make you a clear offer on clear contractual terms, so you know what you are paying for
  • deliver high quality customer service through engagement and receptiveness
  • do everything we can to help you remove the inevitable hassles of occupying property
  • help you negotiate the maze of workplace regulation if we can
  • choose best-in-class property managers to manage our properties
  • drive down ancillary costs such as service charges as far as we can whilst delivering proper service

If your business is evolving and you want to talk to us about your future please don't hesitate to get in touch on 0845 262 5544 or email innovation@cube-re.com

About your Landlord

We are a successful, contemporary organisation that proudly specialises in an innovative, three dimensional approach to commercial property investment. Our process of selection, funding and acquisition of assets is rigorously geared to ensuring exceptional investment returns and is underpinned throughout by extensive experience, commercial insight and entrepreneurial imagination. Our planning is entirely focussed on creating signature developments and is driven by decisive commitment to high quality design-led values. Through this, we are able to transform and extend buildings into distinctive, dynamic places to work. Our responsibility to introduce and establish new standards in marketing, property management and service level is for the long term. Continually improving these attracts and retains great tenants, delivering strong rentals.

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